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China: the millenarian tree of gingko seems to cry gold tears

Every year this 1400 year old gingko tree lose its leaves making the scene unbelievable.

Practical advice on how to organize a trip

When you go on vacation you must always prepare yourself properly to deal with any inconvenience and to ensure a trip that is exactly as we have planned and dreamed...

10 things you may not know about the Louvre

The Louvre Museum is one of the most visited monuments in Paris, and welcomes over 9.3 million visitors a year.

12 tips to protect your luggage while traveling

Guess which riddle, what's the best way not to lose your baggage? Leave it at home!

12 tips for traveling by train in the USA

The American national company Amtrak, an excellent way to visit the United States while maintaining a good budget, has recently published a list of tips to better enjoy the journey...

25 surprising facts about Japan

Japan is a huge, fascinating and unknown country, with almost 130 million inhabitants. There are many curiosities that we have discovered, many of which are truly surprising.

The 10 European cities to visit by bike

There are cities that invite you to take a bike ride: the narrow streets, the landscapes, the corners to discover... so many are the reasons. Here are the 10 European...

The Pyramid of Tirana: between restoration projects and sled runs

The central square of Tirana, the capital of Albania, cannot boast architectural beauties equal to those of many of the other European capitals, although to attract the attention of the...

Hope, blood and an astrolabe with 7 castles: the meaning of the Portuguese flag

It is perhaps one of the most complex and at the same time most original European flags: it is the symbol of Portugal, that red and green banner with a...

Budapest, the oldest metro in continental Europe

It is known to most that the first in the world to have had the idea of ​​burying the ever more unbearable chaos that the vehicular traffic was creating in...

A hotel with five... thousand stars

The view is magnificent: you look around and on clear and clean summer evenings, of those that perhaps follow the classic mountain storm, you can admire all, but all the...

Giethoorn, a paradise without roads

Can an urban agglomeration in which cars have no right to whiz by and disfigure the landscape with their mere presence survive its extinction?

The lake of wonders: today is there, tomorrow not

It could be called an intermittent lake: in the sense that sometimes is there and sometimes not.

The perfect hand-bag

Thanks to the excellent rates of low-cost airlines, it is easy to travel and visit new cities, spend a weekend in a capital city or take a short getaway for...

Austria, diving in the Alps: the park turns into a lake

During the winter season the Grüner See, also known as Green Lake due to its crystal clear waters, measures just over a meter.

12 incredible places to visit for less than 40 euros a day

Traveling costs, especially in the case of exotic destinations. However, there are myths to debunk about "dream" destinations that, in the collective imagination, require a budget not exactly for all...

7 strange must have for a traveler

Today we talk about inventions made in China and not, strange but very useful things that every traveler MUST have to save space in a suitcase, trouble with checks or...

Balkans celebrate the secrets of Medjugorje

June marks the anniversary of the first apparitions in Medjugorje, one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations in the world.

Lake Tekapo, in New Zealand, is the most romantic place in the world

Pastel colors, fairytale locations and spectacular sunsets make this destination ideal for falling in love.

Travel by foot: some tips

Walking trips are good for the mind and body, but you have to be well prepared. Here are some useful tips for those planning to undertake one.

Taste of Romania: typical Romanian food you should try

Romanian national cuisine is part of the Balkan tradition. The products of the earth are cooked in a simple way and do not pay particular attention to the presentation of...

Mirror Lake: the perfect name for a wonderful place

The Lac Miroir on the French Alps reflects the surrounding landscape melding in its crystalline waters.

Taste of Norway: typical Norwegian food you should try

Since its origins, Norwegian cuisine has relied on raw materials available in nature, therefore it makes particular use of meat deriving from game and fishing.

Traveling on foot: the rules not to be forgotten

Traveling on foot is a unique and fascinating experience. Here are some useful tips for those who plan to embark on this adventure.

Taste of Austria: typical Austrian food you should try

When one thinks of Austrian cuisine its history, the Hapsburg Empire and its position cannot be ignored, right in the middle between central and eastern Europe.

No man’s land: the 10 most fascinating abandoned places on Earth

Places abandoned, dangerous, uninhabited, ready to revive ancestral fears. "No mans' land" that, despite everything, attract thousands of visitors or... keep them at a distance.

Science says that camping is good for health, sleep and sex

Life in the open air, first of all, helps to sleep better and to fight insomnia, thanks to the new generation inflatable mattresses that are more comfortable but above all...

In Polynesia the tattoo is male

Cultural and beauty symbol, it has ancient origins, and today is an art also sought by tourists traveling to Polynesia.

Madness in Paris, the strange syndrome of Japanese tourists

Surrounded by a mythological aura, the Ville Lumiére is there to enchant and surprise. But something disturbs Japanese tourists.

The Camino de Santiago: useful tips

What to put in the pilgrim's backpack? How to follow the directions, where to stop in the hostels? This are only a few things that many would like to know about...

Taste of Denmark: typical Danish food you should try

Danish cuisine is a happy mix of tradition and innovation, combined with a great care for the freshness and quality of raw materials. One of the basic dishes is the...

Tell me what kind of traveler are you and discover your ideal trip

Do you feel romantic, adventurous, emotional? Choose the ideal destination based on your personality.

Mystery destinations for those who love to travel without planning

The destinations are dreamy and the journey is a real mystery. For some time now mystery trips have been taking place in the United States, a new formula to get to...

Kanamara Matsuri: welcome to the Japanese Penis Festival

The Penis Festival is a rather strange event, but in Japan and specifically in the City of Kawasaki, the first Sunday of April, it is celebrated the Kanamara Matsuri ie "Festival...

4 destinations in the world for cat lovers

There are places where the undisputed protagonists are not the monuments or cultural attractions but the colonies of wild cats that live there.

Science says that trees do well and make you happy

Woods, green meadows and even flower gardens are a panacea for man. But the man is good for plants too.

Taste of Sweden: typical Swedish food you should try

Swedish cuisine is known worldwide for the unpronounceable names of its dishes, made famous - it must be recognized - above all by the Ikea chain of shops, which offers...

Lucky and unlucky numbers around the world

Did you ever fly on a European plane and notice that row number 13 and 17 does not exist? Have you ever wondered why?

The Island of the Dolls: the scary side of Mexico

Raise your hand who at least once as a child has not played with dolls. Well, forget those sweet childhood memories because here the dolls will put you ... terror.

The 15 most beautiful lakes around the world

Let's discover the 15 lakes around the globe not to be missed according to Skyscanner, to enjoy crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes.

Funiculars what a view: these are the most beautiful in Europe

In the era of high-speed, ultra-technological connections, funiculars remain a means of transport that can still give emotions. from the very steep one in Switzerland to the very short one in Croatia: here...

Museum of Tattoos, one of the most bizarre museums in Amsterdam

One of the main tourist attractions of the Dutch city that competes with the most famous museums.

Taste of Thailand: typical Thai food you should try

The special flavours of Thai food have conquered the world. But the real Thai cuisine is art with subtle balances, where the difference is the quality of the raw materials...

Drink at a secret bar in Berlin

Entering the hidden bars of the German capital is not an easy task. These rooms that reflect the atmosphere of the '20s make a rigid selection at the entrance. But...

Hua Shan: the most dangerous path in the world

Hua Shan or Mount Hua, is located in China, in the province of Shaanxi and is one of the five great Chinese Sacred Mountains, which for centuries have attracted pilgrims...

How to ask the airline compensation for lost or damaged baggage?

Lost luggage is a problem that occurs more and more often in airports. Here's how to behave.

Do you travel alone? Here are 10 ways to make new acquaintances

Do you like to travel alone and make new connections during the trip? Follow these tips to meet new, interesting people!

10 trips to admire the animals

Not just giraffes, lions and zebras. For those who love animals there are alternatives to traditional safaris. Travel from north to south to see penguins, butterflies, beluga and bison. During the...

10 of the most strange foods in the world

Taste local food is part of the thrill of travel and the discovery of a new country, although sometimes we can find ourselves in front of dishes that can definitely shock...

Flåmsbana: the green train that crosses the Norwegian fjords

20 km between forests, waterfalls, villages, rivers and deep gorges. A journey that seems to take us back, in time in the dreamy atmosphere of the fjords.

Bernina Red Train: all aboard!

Sixty km between Italy and Switzerland at breathtaking altitudes: it's the magic of the Bernina Red Train!

Taste of Belgium: typical Belgian food you should try

The cuisine of Belgium is a cuisine that is influenced by the French gastronomic culture but has been able to re-store it, often in a very convincing and original way.

Travel&Food: Kopi Luwak, one of the most expensive coffee in the world

There is a quality of coffee that until 2012 held the world price record the Kopi Luwak, cost an absolute fortune, the price can vary from 500 to 900 euros...

Science says that travel makes children smarter

Let the children travel as much as possible: they will become smarter. Here why.

Funiculars what a beauty: these are the most beautiful in Italy

In the era of high-speed, ultra-technological connections, funiculars remain a means of transport that can still give emotions. From the historic funicular of the Mendola, to the very modern one...

In the enchanted forest of monarch butterflies

Almost halfway between Mexico City and the beautiful city of Morelia, a very special nature reserve has been established. It is the Mariposa Monarca Reserva (Reserve of the Monarch Butterfly).

Taste of Greece: typical Greek food you should try

The Greek gastronomy is of ancient tradition and is a typical Mediterranean cuisine that makes use almost exclusively of typical Mediterranean products, such as olive oil, lamb meat, fish and...

Oregon: the ghost forest emerged from the sand after 300 years

In Oregon, a ghost forest emerged from the sand that had been missing for 300 years.

The Hill of Crosses of Šiauliai in Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses can be called a Historical and Architectural Monument, a unique composition of folk art.

Camino de Santiago: tips to do it in winter

Useful tips and trivia to take on the Camino de Santiago walk between December, January and February.

TSA Lock: what you need to know if you want to travel in the USA

Let's discover a method that guarantees the total safety of your suitcase for all those who plan to travel in the USA.

India, an ancient city where body and spirit are regenerated

In Varkala, in 5000 B.C., Ayurveda was founded. Here each hotel offers treatments to remove toxins and harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

Taste of Hungary: typical Hungarian food you should try

The characteristic taste of the Hungarian cuisine is the result of a development rooted in the history of the same people. The know-how is based on the climatic qualities, on...

Do you love to travel? Here are the tattoos that are for you

If the trip is a lifestyle for you, take a look at these ideas. To draw a genuine passion on your skin.

The 10 most extraordinary places to spend New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is one of the biggest global celebrations, with people from around the world joining relatives and friends to reflect on the previous year and make plans for...

What to do if the baggage is lost?

We always hope will not happen but, traveling a lot, the chance it would happen is high. Let's than talk about how to claim for lost baggage.

Travel&Shopping: what should you buy in Paris?

What should you buy in Paris? The French capital is a city full of points where you can buy many wonderful souvenirs.

Why are tattoos frowned upon in Japan?

Japan is the home country of tattoos, but it is also the only one where they are seen very badly: that's why.

Taste of Czech Republic: typical Czech food you should try

The Czech cuisine, with its tasty and nutritious dishes, is for strong stomachs and demanding palates. Simple and rustic, it is based above all on meat dishes.

Moving in Lisbon: the elevadores and the funiculars

Lisbon's funiculars and elevators (in Portuguese called elevadores), resemble children's toys. In addition to being an attraction to see and try, they are also very useful if you have traveled...

Secret bars: here 7 speakeasy around the world

If you love traveling, you might be interested in visiting one of these seven speakeasy, secret rooms that flourished during the era of Prohibition in the 1920s in America.

The dark side of the northern lights: myths and meanings

The natural phenomenon of the aurora borealis hides some secrets that only local populations know.

Science says that traveling alone helps self-esteem and free your mind

According to Proust "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes".

Lonely Planet: the history of the most famous guide in the world

Lonely Planet: the history of the most famous tourist guide in the world among anecdotes, hilarious tales and journeys made by 20-year-olds.

Taste of Germany: typical German food you should try

The german cuisine is a cuisine rich in diversity. Beyond the stereotypes concerning the consumption of beer, pork, cabbage and potatoes, Germany has an innovative cuisine, with multiple ingredients, often...

Kumbh Mela in India: History and dates of the greatest pilgrimage to the world

Are you looking for information on the Kumbh Mela festival? Following you will find everything you need to know about the greatest pilgrimage in the world. History, dates and places...

Iran: the country that sells dreams

In Iran the art of divination has been handed down for centuries. But it is through the poetic fal-e Hafez that one can know one's destiny.

The 10 most spectacular places to see the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights can generally be seen between the months of November and March, in certain places are visible even throughout the year.

Travel&Shopping: What should you buy in Naples?

Let's discover what you should buy when you visit the capital of Campania, a city so beautiful and special that was created the saying "see Naples and then die".

Loveland: the Erotic Theme Park of Jeju

Surfing the web I found the existence of a Theme Park "somewhat" particular given that its theme is sex, it is the erotic park of Jeju, Loveland forbidden to minors...

Cosplay around Tokyo

Let's go to Harajuku to see the Cosplayers.

El Colacho: the Spanish Baby Jumping Festival

The Spanish Festival of which I speak to you today is quite particular, also because the main actors are children, precisely infants.

La Calabiuza: the Feast of the Dead in Tonacatepeque (novembre)

El Dia de la Calabiuza, or the Feast of the Dead (November 1), it is a parade for the streets of Tonacatapeque a municipality of the Department of San Salvador...

Rakotz Bridge - The Devil's Bridge

The Rakotz Bridge, or to put it in German the Rakotzbrücke, is located in the park called Azalea and Rhododendon Park Kromlau, in the Municipality of Gablenz in the district...

Quiet, it's not the hell, but the Japanese Spa

Among the strangest places in the world, surely we must include these particular baths located in Japan, these spas, given their geothermal and morphological peculiarities, are known by the name...

The Gnomes Village: Gnomesville

Gnomesville, is a small village in the Ferguson Valley, Australia, with free access, also because it is located along a public road, so it is open to visitors at any...

The Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

The Capsule Hotel or Kapuseru Hoteru in Japanese (カ プ セ ル ホ テ ル), are a type of Hotel developed and used in Tokyo to maximize the number of...

Where to go in December: Asia

If you are planning a trip to Asia? Here the best annual festivals that will make you discover the folklore of China, Japan and Turkey.

Taste of Russia: typical Russian food you should try

The russian cuisine is the traditional cuisine of Russia, linked to the ways of life and the history of the Russian people. It has undergone the influences of the various...

How to photograph the Aurora Borealis: the complete guide

How do you photograph the Aurora Borealis? Today I want to answer one of the questions I'm constantly asked, giving you all the necessary information step by step.

The 10 most mystical places in the world

From Mount Athos in Greece to Pura Besakih in Bali. Five other places of the soul to visit in the world. The most spectacular, where spirituality goes beyond the confines...

Where to go in December: Europe

The last month of the year is linked directly with Christmas and the New Year celebrations, thoughts fly directly to the markets of central Europe. Yes, but not only, it...

Walking in nature increases creativity

Walking increases creativity: walking is good for health but according to recent studies among the various benefits of a healthy walk, there is also creativity enhancing.

The tree of life of Kalaloch

This tree grows on the beach of Kalaloch, on the coast of the State of Washington, and you can not understand how it can stand.

The tree of Lake Wanaka is one of the most photographed ever

In New Zealand there is a solitary tree that attracts crowds of tourists looking for the perfect shot

5 tips for comfortable sleeping in a tent

Sleeping in a tent is not an experience for everyone, unless you follow the 5 perfect tips for a comfortable and relaxed sleep.

USA: 10 legendary journeys on the road

The ranking of the ten routes that cross the American territory, from the legendary Route 66 to the Florida's Highway.

The 5 most exciting roads

Always new roads and breathtaking landscapes. If you are among those who are passionate about driving, you will want to travel these five wonderful roads. Or maybe not.

Legenday trees around the world

They can exceed 30 meters in height and 35 in circumference, often protagonists of myths and fairy tales: the legendary trees.

Montana is the best place in the world to admire the foliage

If there is a place where autumn is at its best, this is the American state of Montana.

The tallest trees in the world. Here's where to find them

The tallest trees in the world stand majestically in many forests. Journey through sequoias, baobabs and tall green giants.

Ikaria, the island that extends life

On this island of the Aegean Sea one lives 100 years. "We simply forgot to die".

Swim between two continents: the immersion of life

It is the dream of every diver. It is one of the most spectacular diving spots in the world.

Walking tours: Jakobsweg, the way of St. James

The way of St. James, or Jakobsweg, is a stretch of the wider Camino de Santiago. It is located in the forest and stretches for several kilometers.

Camino de Santiago: what are French, English or Portuguese ways

Walk along the last 100 kilometers of the Santiago de Compostela path on one of the three short routes.

Travel&Shopping: Caganer, the Catalan Nativity scene figurines

Christmas time, Christmas trees and nativity figurines are the undisputed protagonists. If the Neapolitans are accustomed to the particular figurines sold in San Gregorio Armeno, so the Catalans are used...

San Gregorio Armeno: history and tradition of the Neapolitan nativity

The Neapolitan nativity scene represents a tradition with very ancient origins. The first nativity scene installation in the Neapolitan city was set up by the Franciscan order in the fourteenth...

The Procession of Santa Marta de Ribarteme

This festival is celebrated in Spain, precisely in the city of Las Nieves, Galicia, here every July, life is celebrated in a bizarre way.

World's steepest funicular: the Stoos funicular is a thrill

The new funicular of Stoos, in the canton of Schwyz, has a gradient of up to 110 percent: the cabins rise from 562 meters above sea level to reach 1306...

Taste of Spain: typical Spanish food you should try

Famous throughout the world for its traditional dishes, such as paella, gazpacho and Catalan cream, Spanish cuisine is able to boast a wide variety of raw materials, which have always...

14 museums to visit on Halloween night

Looking for something different for Halloween? Here a selection of 14 museums with a death-themed collection.

15 unique cemeteries to visit on All Souls' Day

In Christian culture, All Souls' Day on November 2, is a day when people visit the graves of deceased relatives. Following a list of 15 cemeteries lively and interesting from an artistic point...

Taste of France: typical French food you should try

French cuisine is very well known internationally. Known in every corner of the world, for its history, the refinement of the preparations and the excellence of raw materials, it is...

The amazing sight of the Indian flower that blooms every 12 years

There are still few days to admire the spectacular blue carpet that covers the slopes of the Ghati mountains, in the South of India. Then you have to wait 12...

Taste of Albania: typical Albanian food you should try

Albania, with the turbulent political past, over the centuries has been influenced by Turkish, Greek and Italian; all this gave rise to a cuisine rich in very different flavors and...

The 20 most pinned places on Pinterest

 The popular photo sharing site has compiled a list of the most "pinned" places by its users; a ranking the first place is for a famous Italian tourist resort.

2016 ranking of most livable (and the worst) cities in the world!

Which are the most livable cities in the world in 2016? And the worst? Let's find out with the annual list, compiled by the American consulting firm Mercer.

The 10 most weird restaurants in the world

From the cave to the tree, from the seabed to the falls, here is the strangest places where to eat.

How to Prevent and Remove Head Lice While Travelling

Learn how to Identify, Prevent, and Treat Head lice while travelling even if you can’t buy specialised pesticide shampoos.