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Practical advice on how to organize a trip

When you go on vacation you must always prepare yourself properly to deal with any inconvenience and to ensure a trip that is exactly as we have planned and dreamed of it.

12 tips for traveling by train in the USA

The American national company Amtrak, an excellent way to visit the United States while maintaining a good budget, has recently published a list of tips to better enjoy the journey by train (especially if long-haul).

25 surprising facts about Japan

Japan is a huge, fascinating and unknown country, with almost 130 million inhabitants. There are many curiosities that we have discovered, many of which are truly surprising.

The 10 European cities to visit by bike

There are cities that invite you to take a bike ride: the narrow streets, the landscapes, the corners to discover... so many are the reasons. Here are the 10 European cities that are worth visiting by bicycle.

The Pyramid of Tirana: between restoration projects and sled runs

The central square of Tirana, the capital of Albania, cannot boast architectural beauties equal to those of many of the other European capitals, although to attract the attention of the visitor who crosses it is, in addition to the celebrated equestrian statue of the national hero Skanderbeg, an unexpected glass and concrete pyramid.

Budapest, the oldest metro in continental Europe

It is known to most that the first in the world to have had the idea of ​​burying the ever more unbearable chaos that the vehicular traffic was creating in the cities underground was the mayor of London Charles Pearson, back in 1860: it was he, it seems, to realize the potential that could have a high-speed train right under those roads that above allowed vehicles (already in the mid-nineteenth century!) to proceed at laughable and unsustainable speeds.

A hotel with five... thousand stars

The view is magnificent: you look around and on clear and clean summer evenings, of those that perhaps follow the classic mountain storm, you can admire all, but all the peaks that embellish the skyline of Safiental, a splendid Swiss valley half an hour by car from Chur.

Giethoorn, a paradise without roads

Can an urban agglomeration in which cars have no right to whiz by and disfigure the landscape with their mere presence survive its extinction?

The perfect hand-bag

Thanks to the excellent rates of low-cost airlines, it is easy to travel and visit new cities, spend a weekend in a capital city or take a short getaway for a few days.

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