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Taste of Germany: typical German food you should try

The german cuisine is a cuisine rich in diversity. Beyond the stereotypes concerning the consumption of beer, pork, cabbage and potatoes, Germany has an innovative cuisine, with multiple ingredients, often marrying sugar to salt. It also has a vast gastronomy and renowned chefs.

From fish and shellfish from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the Bavarian white sausage, through the Rhineland mussel soup and the various roast specialties, Germany also offers different types of pasta and ravioli.

The great autonomy of each German region has allowed the development of local culinary practices, sometimes enriching the contributions from neighboring countries. Thus in Germany there is a large number of regional dishes that have become emblematic of the whole country.

Where to go in December: Asia

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Taste of Russia: typical Russian food you should try

The russian cuisine is the traditional cuisine of Russia, linked to the ways of life and the history of the Russian people. It has undergone the influences of the various cultures, ethnic groups and religions present in the vast territory of the country, and has incorporated in itself many dishes belonging to various nationalities taking part before the Russian Empire, then the Soviet Union and finally the Russian Federation.

Where to go in December: Europe

The last month of the year is linked directly with Christmas and the New Year celebrations, thoughts fly directly to the markets of central Europe. Yes, but not only, it is also a time of ancient rites.

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