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The 10+1 strangest bus stops around the world

Bizarre, funny, sometimes real masterpieces of advertising here is a rundown of the strangest bus stops around the world, gathered for you by Travel TV.

The bus stops, above all for those who use every day means of public transport, are generally associated with the idea of waiting and boring, depending on the quality of service, often endless and unnerving.

Evidently it was noticed even by big brands in more than one case, they decided it is the right place for an original and effective advertising: following a photo gallery of some of the most original, hilarious and entertaining bus stops found on the net, result of brilliant advertising campaigns... have fun!


At a bus stop, as on the sideline!


Inside an oven!



How does it feel to sit on an ice cube?



It is time to start the show!



Trendy bus-stop



Refreshing stop!


Fresh milk!



Maybe you can also order something...



You can try it before you buy it!



Rediscovered classical style



Retro-imperial style


Did you also chance upon a bus original bus stop? Have you found other pictures on the net? Send a comment with a link to the most bizarre photos!