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Literary benches in London, to promote reading in the street

In the summer of 2014 in London have been installed open book shaped benches decorated by local artists and illustrators. Let’s discover them all!

When artistic creativity and literary quality come together, the result is assured. Waiting for the new project of the National Literary Trust - cultural non-profit association founded in 1993 with the aim of improving the cultural level in the most disadvantaged areas of the UK - we want to offer you one of their most creative and successful initiatives: the Book Benches.

The Project

In the summer of 2014, in collaboration with Wild in Art - one of England's most creative producers - have been created and subsequently installed in London 50 open-book-shaped benches decorated by professional illustrators and artists. The project was completed in October of the same year with a charity auction at the Southbank Centre in which the benches were sold to raise funds for the National Literary Trust.

Literary Benches

Each bench is a literary work of the major English and world authors together to develop a cultural journey whose landmark lead to the discovery of the importance of the literary capital. Have been created four different paths according to the affected areas: Bloomsbury Trial, City Trial, Greenwich Trial and Riverside Trial.

Here are the 50 benches and the works they represent. 

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Did you see this benches in London? What other interesting or strange open-air designs did you encountered during your travel? As always I wait for your comments below!

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