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Flight attendants’ secret rooms

If you have ever wondered whether the flight attendants sleep during a long haul flight the answer is yes.

Chris McGinnis / TravelSkills.com

Most of the Boeing 777 and 787 has a secret staircase that leads to a series of private cabins for flight attendants, few people know of their existence.

Courtesy of David Parker Brown, AirlineReporter.com

Depending on the type of aircraft they are in different locations, but usually are created behind the cockpit, above the First Class, as on 777. The stairs are hidden behind a door that is accessed with a code.

Chris Sloan, Airchive.com

Some cabins, however, are accessible through a secret trap door that looks like a normal shelf. As on Boeing 773.

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Within these berths you cannot stand up and there are not even any windows. They can accommodate up to eight crew members. On the Dreamliner can be up to ten and there is also a bit of space for personal belongings.

Courtesy of Boeing

On 777 pilots also have their own bed, one for each, separated by a curtain. They are located right above the cockpit. The pilots have also two Business Class seats, a cabinet and a sink. Moreover, the hardest work is done by them, and are entitled to some more comfort...

Courtesy of Boeing

The bunks usually have a light, hooks for hanging their uniform and mirrors. The beds are equipped with pillows, linen and sometimes there is also a pair of pajamas to wear.

Chris Sloan, Airchive.com

On newer aircraft there is also an entertainment system. But the cabins are not all equal. For example, the 787 Dreamliner of Air Canada airline has a single open space with futons that cover the entire floor. While on Boeing 773 of American Airlines there are berths distributed along the walls of the aircraft such as those of the ships. On other aircraft, such as the A380 of Malaysian Air, there are even bunk beds.


If most of the bunks turn out to be a bit claustrophobic, the A380 of Singapore Airlines is provided with very large single cabins.

Courtesy of David Parker Brown, AirlineReporter.com

Have you ever thought about how the flight attendants have rest during flights? Have you noticed this secret passages on board? Did you notice attendants disappearing and other appearing? As always I wait for your comments below!