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Travel&Shopping: 10 most collected souvenirs around the world

This time I decided to make a list of the typical souvenirs most people buy, for himself or for parents and friends, during their trips.

There are some objects that you find practically everywhere around the world, most become typical souvenirs for tourists, others practically disappeard (and, maybe, for this reason more valuable) or particular.


Rise the hand who never bought a kitch t-shirt during a trip... sometimes however there are also cools styles that you are not afraid to wear also back at home!


I think the second most bought ever souvenir, to be attached to the fridge or on a special corner of your home.


Another typical souvenir, very trendy when I was young, now a little forgotten, but always with a certain charm.


I know people that in their life collected hundreds bells, with different in shapes, sizes, color, material and, of course, sound.


Why don't buy the national flag of the country visited?

Banknotes and coins

Something that usually remains in your pocket at the end of every trip. It is a kind of artistic collection, very good looking hanging on a wall in a beautiful frame.


They are fast disappearing from the souvenir shops around the world because of the spread of smatphones. It is still magical: you know when you post it, but you never know when it will be delivered... if ever. But what a surprise when you find it in your mailbox!


Another object practically disappeard... the progress...

The Little Prince or Pinocchio books

The Little Prince and Pinocchio are two books translated practically in every language spoken on earth. It is a very curious collection, all this books written in different languages with foreign letters.


A pinch of sand, hearth or dust from all around the world. It is another alternative and inexpensive collection, minimal and very good looking on a shelf in little bottle. Just put all your beach sand in tall glass jar labeled with the destination.

And you, do you collect some of this souvenirs? What do you buy during your trips? As always, I wait to heard from you with a comment below.