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Do you love to travel? Here are the tattoos that are for you

If the trip is a lifestyle for you, take a look at these ideas. To draw a genuine passion on your skin.

You travel with the heart, the mind, but also with your own skin. There are many people who choose to tattoo the symbol of a place that has left an indelible memory, the emblem of a special holiday, or simply an object to be associated with an unforgettable experience. If traveling is a real way of life for you too, here are some examples of tattoos for globetrotters. To share the choices of those, like you, who love life with a suitcase in hand, or to find inspiration.

One of the most popular is the tattoo that depicts a geographical map, to symbolize the desire to travel continuously. Many then choose to impress on the skin the design of a compass, an arrow or a compass rose that indicates a point to follow, to always have with them the conviction of going in the right direction. The same tattoo is also good to indicate a place that is particularly close to the heart.

Distant Memories

In this sense, many choose a symbol or a characteristic of a visited place, in order to always carry it with them. Whether it's a holiday of a few days or a longer experience, this is one of the favorite travel addicted tattoos.

From this point of view the chosen tattoo can also be a combination of several symbols, without a precise reference. A monument, a tree, an animal, or the emblem of a city. But there are also those who choose a thin-skinned skyline.


Your place of the heart can become a tattoo also in the form of longitude and latitude, to have always impressed the coordinates on your skin. This is one of the most popular choices, often accompanied by a symbol.

Some would like to travel the world, and with this desire they always carry the globe in the form of a tattoo.

Even the classic travel symbols like a suitcase, an anchor or an airplane decorated in an original way are very strong.


Then there is a word much loved by travelers: Wanderlust, the desire to leave at any moment, so strong that for some it becomes a brand to be engraved on the skin. Even other words, mostly in English, like "Travel" or "World" are very popular.