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Traveling on foot: the rules not to be forgotten

Traveling on foot is a unique and fascinating experience. Here are some useful tips for those who plan to embark on this adventure.

Many people like to travel on foot today. There are those who prefer to travel a few days and those who alternate walking routes with longer journeys on the means of transport. In both cases there are rules and advice for travelers in order to live an unforgettable experience.

It does not need much, but there are things that, if left out, can risk ruining your trip. First of all, you must be sure that you are able to do something similar and know how long you can walk without getting tired.

Then you move on to planning: you need to find out about the weather conditions and terrain of your chosen itinerary. Taking a map and tracing the path helps a lot, then it is better to decide in which arc of the day you are more active. To travel on foot, you need shoes that are very comfortable and suitable for the ground you will cross. The traveler, then, must choose a backpack suited to their needs: it is better to bring only essential items to not weigh down. Even the clothing must be right for the season, but never too heavy.

If you are traveling in the summer, it is very useful to have sunscreen, disinfectant, some plaster, gauze and, if you suffer from allergies, the necessary medicines. Even a small knife and a torch can be very practical, then a bottle of water is a must to have water always available. A useful thing in traveling on foot is to have a list of places to sleep at sustainable prices. A good book, that maybe before you left you have not had the opportunity to read due to lack of time, can be a great friend if you choose to travel alone.

Another object that can not miss in the backpack is the camera, to capture the most beautiful images along the way and it can also be convenient to have a notebook, to pinpoint the best memories of the experience.

Another tip for those who decide to travel on foot is not to walk too fast to be able to better observe what is around and enjoy the scenery. When you go through the inhabited places, chatting with the locals can only enrich the traveler: closing in on oneself is one of the biggest mistakes on the road.