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TSA Lock: what you need to know if you want to travel in the USA

Let's discover a method that guarantees the total safety of your suitcase for all those who plan to travel in the USA.

If you are planning a trip to the USA you need to be aware of a new system that allows you to get your suitcase intact. The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, refers to the American Agency of the Department of Homeland Security. Its function is to ensure the safety of all transport, especially the air transport. To ensure maximum protection, the TSA is required to inspect each suitcase, whether it is in transit or arriving in the USA.

Should there be any suspicions or emergencies for national security purposes, the TSA has a duty to force the baggage and break it if circumstances require it. The suitcase will then be returned completely wrapped in ribbons and it will be necessary to purchase a new baggage Made in USA. It is more than natural to apply protection measure to one's own personal objects, above all when one has to make such a long and expensive journey. But it is equally obvious that the TSA authorities would not spare any kind of suitcase if they thought it necessary, even if it was closed with a combination.

So, how to travel with the tranquility that the suitcase arrives safe at the destination?

The ideal solution is that of a combination, a tape or padlock equipped with a TSA key. This is a lock that provides for the opening only with the use of a passpartout key, precisely supplied to the TSA. Therefore, you can set the combination so that no one can try to open it, except for the owner and TSA agents. Despite this, a question that tormented many travelers is that related to the lock, or how to recognize if the lock has the TSA lock.

No worries, as all new bags available on the market are equipped with an integrated TSA lock. If the suitcase is an old model without this system, you can proceed with the application of tapes or padlocks, available for any type of luggage and therefore enjoy the flight in total serenity. To find out if your luggage is set up for the TSA lock, just check if the TSA is indicated near the lock, followed by the number and the identification mark (a red rhombus). For more information, just visit theĀ official TSA website.