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China: the millenarian tree of gingko seems to cry gold tears

Every year this 1400 year old gingko tree lose its leaves making the scene unbelievable.

In autumn the gingko tree loses its golden leaves and prepares for the arrival of winter until, in spring, it will not return in its splendor.

This tree, located in China, near the Guanyin Buddhist temple, on the outskirts of Xi'An in the mountain region of Zhongnan, every year attracts thousands of tourists coming from everywhere for this marvelous autumn show, that only nature is able to give.

La nostra Terra ci regala questo spettacolo: una pioggia d’oro ha coperto il giardino deltempio buddista di Gu Guanyin, in Cina. Le foglie di un albero di ginkgo sono piovute sul prato, trasformando lo spazio aperto inun mare giallo mozzafiato, uno splend

It is said that the ancient gingko tree was planted by Emperor Tai Zong, founder of the Tang dynasty, who ruled from 626 to 649.

The gingko is a very old plant species that grows in China and is not only famous for having beautiful colored leaves. In fact, they provide a fundamental food and a medicine used as a traditional remedy in Asia since ancient times.

The gingko also has a symbolic meaning: in oriental culture its beauty has a beneficial and healthy effect on people. And now, after seeing the images, even on us.