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USA: 10 legendary journeys on the road

The ranking of the ten routes that cross the American territory, from the legendary Route 66 to the Florida's Highway.

A trip to the United States must consider the legendary roads that cross the country and can offer views of the breathtaking scenery of North America.

What are the best ten? Here is the ranking by Lonely Planet:

  1. Route 66
  2. Pacific Coast Highway
  3. Blue Ridge Parkway
  4. Florida's Highway
  5. Great River Road
  6. Historic Columbia River Highway
  7. Natchez Trace Highway
  8. Road to Hana
  9. Seward Highway
  10. US Highway 50

The first place in the top ten is assigned to the legendary Route 66, now a historic street, was born to connect Chicago to Santa Monica through eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. The overall length was 3.755 km, the most striking part is the stretch that goes from Seligman in Arizona to San Bernardino in California, where to find its original beauty.

Route 66

The Pacific Coast Highway runs north-south through the State of California, along the Pacific Ocean. It is famous for the cliff view and for the passes to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Third classified the Blue Ridge Parkway that crosses the Appalachian Mountains and allows you to enter a fairy tale setting.

Blue Ridge Parkway

They deserve a place among the top ten US roads: the Florida's Highway, with its long bridges connecting the Keys Islands, the Great River Road, which skirts the Mississippi and the Historic Columbia River Highway, to be visited in the spring when nature is more luxuriant. To cross the deep South it is advisable to follow the Natchez Trace Parkway, which passes through the States of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

Somewhere along Historic Columbia River Highway

Contrasting panoramas in the Road to Hana and Seward Highway: the first one crosses the tropical forest of Maui, is a very tortuous road and "out of the world". The second one crosses Alaska and connects the city of Seward with the city of Anchorage. To finish in tenth place in the top ten, the US Highway 50 is set, which allows a true coast to coast because it connects West Sacramento, on the Atlantic Ocean, and arrives in Ocean City, on the Pacific.

Seward Highway Alaska