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Walking in nature increases creativity

Walking increases creativity: walking is good for health but according to recent studies among the various benefits of a healthy walk, there is also creativity enhancing.

The benefits of walks are countless and are daily praised by doctors and experts. Among the main ones we remember the decrease in blood pressure, the decrease of sugars and fats in the blood with a consequent improvement of the general state of health. Walking regularly can improve the physical endurance and muscle tone that is more compact and defined. Many of these experts agree that it is much healthier to walk in nature both from the psychophysical and from a creativity point of view.

Above all, walking in the mountains, due to the increased oxygen supply due to the increase in red blood cells. The purest air oxygenates the brain and the body, eliminating the causes of oxidative stress to which neurons are constantly subjected. Therefore it is logical to say that the walks in general, and even more those in the midst of nature produce an inequity of benefits for our psychophysical health. It is advisable to carve out a small space every day for a walk of at least half an hour in the park or in the countryside.

Walking in the middle of nature reduces the levels of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, relaxes by producing beneficial substances in the body such as pain-fighting endorphins or those that regulate good mood, keeping negative and depressive thoughts away. It is remarkable that the benefits of walking increase creativity in people who constantly practice it. Having less stress in the body and mind, the brain works more and activates areas that have remained inactive until then. There was a tendency to improve their artistic skills by practicing walking every day.

A trained body with walks in the middle of nature produces a snappy, colorful mind full of ideas. Creativity becomes free to express itself without limits; a healthy body and a healthy mind, as the ancients said, is synonymous with wellness and longevity. Those who have the opportunity to walk on desolate beaches and wooded paths in the mountains have a great fortune. A cure for modern ills such as anxiety and stress that repress creative inspirations instead. A healthy lifestyle and some relaxing travel are the right recipe for feeling good.