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Loveland: the Erotic Theme Park of Jeju

Surfing the web I found the existence of a Theme Park "somewhat" particular given that its theme is sex, it is the erotic park of Jeju, Loveland forbidden to minors of 18 years.

Opened in 2004 in South Korea on Jeju Island, Loveland houses 140 sculptures and erotic portraits.


The birth of this place, however, is not accidental, in fact the island after the Korean War, had become a popular destination for young married couples who decided to spend their honeymoon there, especially for the warm climate of the island, many of these couples were victims of their parents' choices, and very often in these arranged marriages, the two newlyweds barely knew each other and were unaware of any sexual practice.

Created in 2002 and completed in 2004, Loveland is an animated book with the aim of "sexual educator" for young couples.

Jeju Loveland

But you know the curiosity is so much and so are many curious tourists who go to Loveland so much so that it was next to it, was built a theme park for children's entertainment so you can leave there your children and go to do an erotic tour.

Obviously, nothing to do with Loveland, here the settings are all Disney style.

Loveland on Jeju Island (South Korea)

Being an island, to get to Jeju and therefore in Loveland there are two possibilities by plane or by boat directly from the Gimpo International Airport and reach your destination in just an hour.

As already seen for the Feast of Penis, the eastern populations unlike us Westerners, live their sexuality more freely without taboo.