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How to survive a night bus trip in Southeast Asia

Let’s face it: traveling doesn’t come for free. In fact, when you add up the initial airfare, accommodation, entertainment, food, drinks, transportation and any miscellaneous charges it may turn out to be quite expensive. However, in places such as Southeast Asia, travelers are able to make their money go a long way, which is why the region has quickly become a rite of passage among young travelers today.

Travel tips for smart traveling

Looking back at my first vacation abroad, I remember how my inexperienced self almost ruined the entire plan. It is exciting how much you can learn from one trip to another. Indeed, being a smart traveler does not happen overnight, but there are international travel tips and tricks that will definitely keep your vacation from going wrong.

5 reason you sould travel to Vietnam

It’s an unfortunate truth that many foreigners find it difficult to imagine Vietnam outside the scope of its tragic war. Nevertheless, the beautiful country is one of the most diverse places of its kind. Home to incredibly diverse flora, fauna and landscapes, it’s often noted for being one of the most historical and culturally-rich countries in Southeast Asia.

How to save money to travel?

I think one of the reasons people don’t explore the world is because they don’t know how to save money to travel. Before I moved to Korea I was quite literally the worst spender (or saver?) that I knew. I had absolutely no idea how to put money aside for travel. Throughout my seven years in Chicago, my college friends and post-college friends and I loved to explore the city’s newest hot spots, had weekly brunch (sometimes Saturdays AND Sundays) and attended live concerts practically every night.

14 amazing facts about Burj Khalifa in Dubai

The appealing and wondrous beauty of the tallest building in the world ought to have attracted any person in the world and especially anyone who has a travelling heart. If you’re a traveler and have never visited this amazing building, then, we can say you haven’t traveled the world yet!

Become a better traveller and person

I wish I had the perfect words to describe the transformation that traveling has created in me. But an impact so profound, admittedly, can never fully be explained. Ultimately, it should be experienced and enjoyed. Here are my thoughts on the lessons I’ve learned.

Common myth about traveling

Humans have a strange, almost biologically coded need to believe. We have particular beliefs about the workings of the world, religion, people and yes, travel too. The funny (or awkward) thing about our beliefs is that some of us can’t tell them apart from truths. Today I’m dispelling a few travel myths that may have tricked you out of seeing the world, because after all, who likes feeling gullible?

Win the fear of flying!

Airplanes. The safest, most convenient, and time efficient (with the exception of teleportation) means of globetrotting. But not everyone can hop on a plane and float off to a foreign destination (at least not without going into near cardiac arrest). Fear of flying is more common than you think. Here’s how to get the best of it.

6 reasons why Millennials are the best travellers ever

They say Millennials are irresponsible and impulsive. We’re constantly being told not to disrupt the status quo and to fall in line. But this is our time, and we’ve decided to live life on our own terms.We don’t want to be the mirror image of the ones that came before us. We’re carving out our own path and uniting the world.

16 easy jobs to make while traveling

Ever wonder how people travel for weeks, months or even years on end? Some of them are just flat out rich and others save up ridiculous amounts of money to fund their journeys. But what happens if the money runs low but you’re not ready to go home yet? What if you don’t have a lot of money but still want to travel? You shouldn’t let a silly (evil) thing like money get in the way. After all, the world belongs to all of us. We should all be able to experience it, right?

Infographic of the 42 Biggest Travel DONT'S from Around The World

International etiquette can be complicated. Clearing your plate in Ukraine is an insult to the chef - in England, it's a compliment. Similarly, the 'ok' gesture - an internationally recognised diving sign - could get you into serious trouble in Brazil.

We at Love Home Swap were curious about the unspoken rules and regulations of other countries. After some serious research, we've compiled a list of the biggest travel don'ts around the world.

Check out our infographic before your trip abroad, and avoid making an etiquette faux pas.


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