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Taste of Spain: typical spanish food you should try

Famous throughout the world for its traditional dishes, such as paella, gazpacho and Catalan cream, Spanish cuisine is able to boast a wide variety of raw materials, which have always been elaborated both in home cooking and in catering with great imagination, wisdom and competence. The Spanish cuisine is distinguished by having first introduced, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, some ingredients from the Americas, such as tomatoes, potatoes, corn or cocoa, which today are commonly used throughout Europe, in many different preparations.

Taste of France: typical french food you should try

French cuisine is very well known internationally. Known in every corner of the world, for its history, the refinement of the preparations and the excellence of raw materials, it is no coincidence that in 2010 it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage because it is a wonderful testimony of tradition and food culture of France.

Travel&Food in Japan: Medama or Tuna Eyes

In Japanese stores you will frequently find strange packages "observing" you with their big fish eyes. And in many bars, you can taste the tuna eyes already cooked, fried, stewed or lightly steamed.

Travel&Food: the Balut

The food in the Philippines can be almost traumatizing experience for Westerners. The word balut in Tagalog, means "wrapped" and refers to a boiled hen's or duck egg.

Travel&Food: Rome versus Neaples the real pizza

Today we will talk about one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world, which many define, not without reason, a kind of "fast food Italian style." The pizza has a simple preparation but a long history, and many are the types that we find on our tables: the most famous of which are the Roman pizza (Pizza Romana) and Neapolitan pizza (Pizza Verace Napoletana).

Street Food in Bangkok: why, what and where

Oh no, you want us to get food poisoning and experience what Thai hospitals are all about? Not at all! You really don’t have to worry about that in Bangkok. I know that even experienced travellers often shy away from eating street food. But in Bangkok, it’s safe. Thai street food is really good and of high quality! I couldn’t recommend it enough. Let’s dive into why it’s so good, what to actually try and where to have it!

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