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25 surprising facts about Japan

Japan is a huge, fascinating and unknown country, with almost 130 million inhabitants. There are many curiosities that we have discovered, many of which are truly surprising.

Quiet, it's not the hell, but the Japanese Spa

Among the strangest places in the world, surely we must include these particular baths located in Japan, these spas, given their geothermal and morphological peculiarities, are known by the name of Jigoku, that is hells, because there are 8 and yes they all find in the city of Beppu.

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The Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

The Capsule Hotel or Kapuseru Hoteru in Japanese (カ プ セ ル ホ テ ル), are a type of Hotel developed and used in Tokyo to maximize the number of beds, minimizing the space, in fact in place of the spacious hotel rooms we find the capsules.

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