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Travel&Shopping: the Eye of Allah

Eye of Allah, Nazar Boncuk in Turkish, mauvais oeil in French, Böse Blick in German, Ayn hasad in Arab, or simply Evil Eye is a famous amulet against the "evil eye". It is typical in Turkey, although in reality very often you will find it as gift in Greece.

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Shopping in Italy: the Murano glassworks

Being in Venice, one of the most beautiful souvenirs you can buy is without doubt a Murano glass creation: from a bracelet to a chandelier or a statue, there is a hand-made work for every taste... and budget! Let's discover something more about Murano, it's glass production process and glass-art objects.

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Shopping in Russia: the Matryoshka dolls

When you think about Russia, apart from snow, the first typical things that comes to mind are caviar and Matryoshka dolls. What better souvenir of you trip to Russia than an original Matryoshka!

Let's find out a little more about this fascinating toy.

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