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Destination Copenhagen: Church of Our Saviour

Destination Copenhagen: Church of Our Saviour Ph. Juri Signorini

The Church of Our Saviour is in the district of Christianshavn and his extravagant spiral tower can be seen from the distance, along the Inderhavn.

The church was built at the behest of Christian V and was consecrated in 1696 after 14 years of work.

In Baroque style, with red brick exterior, within the Church of Our Savior we can admire the altar consecrated in 1732 which depicts the scene of Jesus in Gethsemane; the beautiful wooden organ of 1698, whose structure rests on the relief statues of two elephants; and the baptismal font donated in 1702 by the wife of Frederick IV, with the hope of having a child. 

The original tower with spiral spire was added to the church later, in 1752, and is built of oak wood with a iron-gilded railing. 400 steps through narrow and steep passages lead to the dizzying summit from wich opens a wonderful view of the city.


Opening hours: (church 11.00 AM - 03.30 PM) (tower Mon - Sat 10.00 AM - 04.00 PM; Sun 10.30 AM - 04.00 PM)

Admission: free to the church; for tower 45 (Mon-Thu)/40 (Fri-Sun) DKK (adults) - 30(Mon-Thu)/35 (Fri-Sun) DKK (seniors) - free (Mon-Thu)/10 (Fri-Sun) DDK (children) 

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How to reach: Metro Christianshavn St. (M1, M2)

Address: Skt. Annae Gade 29, Copenhagen 1416



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