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Destination Copenhagen: Amalienborg

Winter residence of the Danish Royal Family Amalienborg is considered one of the greatest works of Danish Rococo architecture.

This elegant complex, built in 1750-68 by the architect of court Eigtved, during the reign of Frederick V, consists of four identical buildings: Levetzau (Palace of Christian VIII), Brockdorff (Palace of Frederick VIII), Schack (Palace of Christian IX) and Moltke (Palace of Christian VII).

The four buildings are arranged around a large octagonal courtyard in the center of which stands the imposing equestrian statue of King Frederick V. The statue, a work by the French sculptor Saly, depicting the founder of Amalienborg complex posing as a Roman emperor, is considered one of the most important equestrian monuments of the world.

Closes the southern side of the square the colonnade with eight Ionic columns erected in 1794-95 to connect Moltke and Schack palaces. A nice garden with an elongated shape with circular fountain, which separates it from the basin of the port, completes the complex.

When Her Majesty the Queen is "at home" (at Schack's Palace), its presence is signaled by the Dannebrog (the flag) and the drum left after the ceremonial changing of the guard.

Small curiosity: the Danish national flag is the oldest flag in the world, dating back to the 14th century. Legend tells that the flag fell from the sky into the hands of King Valdemar II in June 1219 during his crusade in Estonia and, with the flag in his hand, the Danish king won the battle of Lydanise. Since then, the flag became the nation's standard.

The public can visit two of the four buildings: a part of Levetzau Palace, organized like a small museum, which allows you to admire some of the private apartments with their original furnishings and collections of Royal Family's jewels, porcelain, household glass and silver; Moltke's Palace, used to welcome and entertain guests and official representatives.

Amalienborg is guarded day and night by the Royal Life Guards, a special regiment established in 1658, put at protection of residences and royal castles. The breathtaking ceremony of changing of the guard (Vagtparade), accompanied by the music of the Band of the Royal Life Guards, takes place every day at 12 am on the square in Amalienborg, when the Queen is in residence.

The ceremony takes place too if, in the absence of the queen, are present at Amalienborg Prince Consort and the Crown Prince as a royalty, but without the band. Begins at 11:30 from Rosenborg Castle and ends at 12 at Amalienborg. And it is possible to follow or walk along with the blue dressed guards (red on special occasions) with bearskin hat, on the way leading from Roseborg to Amalienborg and vice versa.


Opening hours: daily (10.00 AM (May - Oct) 11.00 AM - 04.00 PM)

Admission: 95 DDK (adults), 65 DDK (students), free (children under 18)

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How to reach: Autobus 1A, 26

AddressAmalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 København K



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