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Destination Berlin: Friedrichstrasse

The street named after Emperor Frederick I of Prussia, is one of the main streets of the city in which, despite the change imposed by time and history, the past continues to reverberate. In the past, the longest way in the German capital (3.5 km) was the street of the finest shops, the luxury hotels and buildings with beautiful facades.

Destination Berlin: Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is not a simple square but is one of the emblematic places of Berlin. It was once just an intersection of roads leading to some of the most important European centers, including Potsdam (to which the square is named) situated 25 km south - west of the German capital.

Destination Berlin: Alexanderplatz

Messy, frenetic and full of questionable architectural works, Alexander Platz has always been the most famous square in Berlin. Its name dates back to 1805, when during a visit to Berlin of Tsar Alexander I, the square that housed the cattle and wool market, the Ochsenmarkt (cattle market, in fact), was renamed Alexander Platz.

Destination Berlin: The Berlin Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Crossroads of the history of the twentieth century, Berlin was bound to dedicate a monument to one of the darkest moments of our past: in an area located just 1 km from the Brandenburg Gate, 2711 concrete blocks of varying heights make up the Holocaust Memorial, an act of commemoration for the 6 million Jews exterminated during the Nazi era.

Destination Berlin: The Berlin Cathedral

A short walk from Museum Island, stands imposing the sumptuous Berlin Cathedral, whose present appearance dates back to 1904, after that in 1894 the Emperor Wilhelm II ordered the old cathedral to be demolished, too simple and classic, to make way for a dome that adequately reflected the magnitude of the Lutheran religion and the power of the royal dynasty.

Destination Berlin: The Museum Island

From the Brandenburg Gate runs the Unter den Linden, literally the boulevard "Unter the Linden", the most famous boulevard in Berlin that extends for over 1km to the Museum Island, declared a World Heritage Site for its architectural singularity and the invaluable heritage preserved in its museums.