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15 unique cemeteries to visit on All Souls' Day

In Christian culture, All Souls' Day on November 2, is a day when people visit the graves of deceased relatives. Following a list of 15 cemeteries lively and interesting from an artistic point of view, to be visited all year round.

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Destination Rome: The Pantheon

With its domed and columned portico, the Pantheon is one of the most famous Roman monuments. According to a legend, it is the place where Romulus, after his death, was seized and taken to heaven by an eagle. Temple dedicated to all gods (Pan- all Theon- gods), was built by Emperor Hadrian between 118 and 125 A.D. replacing an earlier temple of Marcus Agrippa consecrated to Mars and Venus.

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Destination Rome: Fontana di Trevi

If you are in Rome and intend to come back, then do not hesitate to throw a coin into the famous Trevi Fountain to fulfill your desire.

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Destination Rome: Piazza Navona

It is one of the most beloved places to Romans and tourists, the ideal place to spend time while sitting at a table in a bar, between sculptures and Baroque architecture.

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Destination Rome: Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museums)

Born from the patronage of the popes who gathered for centuries and commissioned outstanding works, the Vatican Museums are considered among the most beautiful museum complexes in the world (13 museums different from one another), with one of the finest art collections in the world.

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Destination Rome: Villa and Galleria Borghese

The Villa Borghese Park is the green "heart" of Rome. Designed in 1605 for the hedonistic Cardinal Scipione Borghese (favorite nephew of Pope Paul V), modified over the centuries by his successors, purchased by the state in the early twentieth century, this public park is today, a real garden of delights.

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