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Taste of Sweden: typical Swedish food you should try

Swedish cuisine is known worldwide for the unpronounceable names of its dishes, made famous - it must be recognized - above all by the Ikea chain of shops, which offers a "low cost" version in line with its commercial policy.

The most popular dish is the Svenska köttbullar, or the meatballs with potatismos (mashed potatoes with butter, salt and a drop of milk), gräddsås (cream sauce) and lingonsylt (cranberry jam).

But the food tradition of the Scandinavian country is not limited to meatballs, salmon or the inevitable herring, whether they are smoked, fried, marinated or stewed. Swedish cuisine is closely linked to the atmosphere of the North.

10 typical dishes not to miss in Sweden



Meatballs made of beef mixed with pork or veal and the combination is typically seasoned with onions, salt, pepper, and allspice. With a crispy brown exterior, and light, airy and tender texture on the interior. 


Perfect food? Probably. Swedish Street Strömming

Large herring fish (Strömming) is typically enjoyed breaded and fried, also as street food in buns and rolls. The smaller one (Sill) is frequently pickled in marinades (as Matjesor starter as S.O.S or Smör, Ost och Sill (butter, cheese and herring served with crisp bread).



Swedish crispbread.


Ärtsoppa och pannkakor

Thick, yellow pea soup.


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Scandinavian cold table that includes a starter of pickled herring with boiled potatoes followed by a couple more fish courses (usually smoked salmon or anchovies) then cold meat, pâté, sliced beef, stuffed veal or smoked reindeer



Salmon that has been specially prepared and marinated.

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Proper Räksmörgås

An open sandwich piled high with shrimps and a mix of boiled egg slices, lettuce, tomato and cucumber, often topped with crème fraîche blended with dill sprigs and roe.


Nyponsoppa - Sopa de escaramujo - Rosehip soup

Wild rose hip soup served hot or cold.



Round cinnamon buns.



A plain wheat bread bun which is lightly flavoured with cardamom then cut in half and filled with almond paste and vanilla-flavoured whipped cream.


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fermented dairy product made from soured milk, with a slightly acidic, yogurty taste.