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Destination Milan: Navigli

You almost never think of Milan as a water town, but it is so. Navigli canal’s system was born with the ambitious project of linking Milan with Lake Como, Adda, Lake Maggiore and Po, coming to northern Europe and then to the sea.

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Destination Milan: Duomo of Milan

What can be more representative of Milan than the Duomo? The church dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, built by the will of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, is the symbol of the city as well as one of the first things to see as soon as you step into Milan.

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Destination Turin: Palazzina di caccia Stupinigi

Savoy residence for the Hunting and Celebrations built starting from 1729 on a project by Filippo Juvarra, the Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi is one of the monumental jewels of Turin, 10 km from Piazza Castello, in perfect direction.

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Destination Turin: Porta Palatina

Porta Palatina is considered the most conspicuous remains of Roman Turin and the oldest, grandiose and best preserved example of Roman city gate.

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Destination Turin: Palazzo Carignano

One of the most original constructions of the Baroque, it was built between 1679 and 1684 by Guarino Guarini commissioned by the prince Emanuele Filiberto il Muto, son of Tommaso di Carignano.

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Destination Turin: Venaria Reale

Built for the will of Carlo Emanuele II as a hunting and leisure residence, the Reggia di Venaria is one of the magnificent Piedmontese ducal residences built to create a "Crown of Delights" around the capital to witness the power of the Savoy.

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